Life Groups


Life Groups are smaller groups that meet in homes, cafes, pubs and help us to connect more closely with each other between Sundays. We have a number of groups running currently, with more on the way.

We are holding Sign Up Sunday on the 12th of January where you can sign up to the group you would like to join.

If you cannot be at Church, make sure you fill in the contact form so that you don't miss out!

Scroll down for more information on each of our life groups available.


Current 2020 Life Groups

Tea Tree Gully

Tuesday 7:30pm

Led by Lisa & Dean Pitt and
Brant Jones


Monday 7:30pm

Led by Tex & Cara Horner and
Jacob Blackwell

Westbourne Park

Monday 7:30pm

Led by Ashleigh Hunter


Monday or Wednesday 7:30pm (TBD)

Led by Jeremy D'Lima

Mile End

Tuesday 7:30pm

Led by Tarin Ritchie and
Sarah Polanco


Wednesday 7:30pm

Led by Aleisha Young


Thursday 7:30pm

Led by Jared & Lisa Hunter

Prospect Parks

First Saturday of Each Month
10am - 12pm

Led by Mike & Jen Wardrop

Alpha Group

More details coming soon

Led by Mike Wardrop