Life Group

Don't do life alone

Our Life Groups, Cords & Alpha Courses are the backbone of Encounter Church and our entire community.  Big Church on Sundays presents us with amazing teachings, worship, and community. Life Groups is where we take the time to unpack all of that, to take it deeper. 

If you would like to get involved, please check out which of our cords, life groups or alpha courses might work for you.

Click the links below to sign up to one of these groups!


Cords are groups of 3 (no more, no less) who will meet regularly (weekly if possible, no less regularly than fortnightly), to go a step deeper in their relationships, their discipleship, and their love for our Lord.

In short…Cords are where friends become family.

Maybe you can’t commit to a regular Life Group slot, or maybe you’re just at the stage where you need something different?

Cords are for you!

Life Groups

Our groups are lead and hosted by people that live and breathe the Encounter Values, and want to walk alongside you, regardless of where you currently sit in your walk with Jesus.

Groups of 6-12 people who will eat together, talk, learn, pray, ask deeper questions, and grow.  We firmly believe that if you’re regularly attending Encounter on a Sunday you NEED to be in a Life Group.

We promise you will never be the same!

Alpha Courses

Alpha is kind of like “Christianity 101”.  From the smallest questions, to the biggest, you’ll be walked through everything you may want to know about the Christian faith, and a life with Jesus.

These groups are run by people who have a real heart to see YOU have an encounter with Jesus.  To answer any questions you may have (no such thing as a dumb question, ESPECIALLY at Alpha).

We run up to 3 Alpha courses per year, and we would absolutely love to have you along.