Encounter Church is a praying church and God is a God who wants to hear and answer your prayers.

As we continue to hold to a goal of contending in prayer, we’ll be holding a series of prayer meetings throughout the week for you to join in on via Zoom and - hopefully soon! - physically as well.

We are convinced that prayer is not just a ‘thing Christians do’, it’s the very breath in our lungs. It’s our personal interaction with God the Father and his divine response to us. It’s the way that the spiritual invades the natural. Prayer is everything.

We would love you to join us at any of our regular prayer meetings.


Online Prayer Meetings

A church that prays is one that becomes more like Jesus.

Please join us for our 15 minute prayer sessions online (link below) or pray with us from wherever you are!

For more information on prayer and fasting, head to our Resources page.

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