We exist to help you have an encounter with Jesus

Encounter Church, located in Prospect South Australia was planted in May of 2018 with the heart to reach the people of Prospect and Adelaide with the good news of Jesus.

We are all about helping people encounter Jesus in a life-changing way. You don't have to believe to belong here with us at Encounter.

If you have any queries feel free to get in contact on our connect page. We would love to invite you to be part of our community - we currently meet at Enfield Uniting Church - or in homes across Adelaide in our Discipleship Groups.

Our core values below help define who we are as Encounter people:



Encounter Church is all about Jesus' message of true life for everybody and sharing his hope with Prospect and the city. We want to spend our lives on something worth dying for and we believe that there is no name greater and no message more important than that of Jesus Christ.

We're so keen to see people's lives transformed and have an encounter with Jesus!



Our heart is for people. Encounter Church is all about relationships with people. We want to be known by how we love and welcome people into our community - and how we make our communities welcoming and loving. Lives are better done together and you can belong before you believe here at Encounter.

Our challenge is to believe the best in one another as we seek to build a dynamic, loving, multicultural community that reflects the kingdom of God.


Encounter Church is all about championing authentic community - living lives that are consistent with who we claim to be.

We are a family that dares to take the risk of being vulnerable, holding to a value of living brave as a declaration that even in our brokenness, God is with us.

Character is key. Honesty is the best policy. Real is the only way to live.



Our heart is to be generous. Encounter Church is all about living out Jesus’ radical message of generosity with every part of our lives. We are all about building a life that is about ‘us’ rather than ‘me’; to be people who are constantly asking where we can contribute to people’s lives and within our communities.

We do this by displaying extravagant hospitality and by being big-hearted with our time, our passions, our finances, our skills and our hearts.


Lead Pastors

Rev. Mike and Ps. Jen Wardrop have been in pastoral ministry for many years as youth pastors and associate pastors before launching Encounter.

They have 3 kids, Grace, Charlie, and Noah who fill their lives with joy and volume. Mike & Jen are passionate about seeing people have an encounter with Jesus that transforms their lives.

Connect with them today.


Mike is also the co-host of Read the Room Podcast with Katie Iles; real, encouraging ministry conversations with leaders from across The Australian church.




Our board of Elders have been prayerfully selected to offer advice, support and accountability for the leadership of Encounter Church.

Rev Mike Wardrop &
Ps Jenny Wardrop
Jeremy D'Lima


Tom Brown

Deputy Chair

Rev Brant Jones
Nicole Brookes
Tim Littleford
Luke Ballantine